This is FAQ for All Natural Food Service only. Go here for Grocery Delivery.

This is where you'll find answers to the most common questions prospective customers might have. We listed the most Frequently Asked Questions about our return policy, product warranty info, shipping and returns, etc. If you can't find an answer Contact Us directly..

Where does my food come from?

Everything is Natural!

This is our motto and we are experts in delivering the best 100% natural foods in the market. Working with more than 60 farms all over the country we are able to deliver high quality products.

Do you have your own farms?

No, We are distributors of  a large variety of products from fruits to meat and vegetables to desserts and more.

Can I buy the same food at my Grocery Store?

The larger majority of our foods can not be found in your grocery store, however, from time to time you may find a particular brand or item locally that we offer.  In cases like this it would mean that the grocer chose to offer a particular high quality Natural or Organic item. Most grocery stores now sell some degree of natural food but the supply and selection is very limited and narrow.

Will my food be delivered all at one time?

Normally the entire order is delivered to you all at once. From time to time certain items may become unavailable. In that case you may receive only part of your intended items. The remaining items will be delivered as soon as available usually within one or two weeks.

When should I expect delivery?

Please allow 3 to 4 weeks from the time of your order till delivery. This should provide ample time to make space for All Natural food in your freezer.

What happens if an item I ordered is unavailable?

As a rule we substitute the unavailable item with another that is comparable or we will replace with an additional item that was identified on your menu analysis. You may even request a particular item.

Can I exchange an item I don't want?

Yes, but only before delivery. To exchange an item call your rep or any of our friendly food specialist and they will tell you the best way to accomplish this. On unique case by case scenario we may expand this option for you.

What’s your return policy?

We cannot collect, redistribute nor resell food products that have been previously delivered to someones home, therefore returning product to us is not permitted.

Do you deliver outside of GA?

Yes, we’ll ship your product anywhere that can accept deliveries.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions. Contact us by phone or email.

What do I do if the food was delivered damaged?

If your food was delivered damaged we replace it -no questions asked. We ask that you take pictures of the damaged product and text or email it to us. Upon receipt of the picture we will immediately process  an order to replace the damaged item(s). Please do not discard any product until we have approved the replacement.

What do I do if my Freezer malfunctions?

Your first action should be to inspect any food in your freezer for thawing. Thawed food can be refrozen. If the food is warm to your touch it is not recommended that you (or your pets) consume it.

Check if electricity is off or cord is unplugged this is most often the problem. If freezer still fails to operate place block of dry ice in freezer and close door. Leave door closed call repairman and contact us immediately for more instructions. You can find detailed instruction on Freezer section of our website.