From the Farms to your kitchen table, Nature First is unlike any other food club, we provide only the very best All-Natural food. We choose suppliers that never add any chemicals, growth hormones,  preservatives, colorings or dyes  to their foods. We specialize in fresher, better tasting natural meats, poultry and seafood.

The Natural Process

The Farms

If you’re like most Americans, you care about the welfare and treatment of the animals on farms and ranches, we believe people should be able to follow their food preference and find humanely raised dairy, meat, and egg products that are both safe and affordable. Read more about that process below...

Humanely Raised

No Antibiotics

More than 80 percent of the antibiotics in the United States are used on farm animals. Much of the time, the antibiotics are used sub-therapeutically – a fancy way of saying to prevent disease from spreading. We believe the overuse of antibiotics isn’t just bad for the animals, but for humans. Studies show it’s contributing to the increase of antibiotic-resistant bacteria or superbugs. That’s why we choose farms that don’t use them. You’re probably asking, what if an animal gets sick? If animals become ill, they are treated with antibiotics as prescribed by a veterinarian and sold to another supply chain. But as a result of the superior animal husbandry practices like clean barns, fresh air, and more space, fewer animals need to be treated in these programs.


No growth hormones

Natural farms do not allow any kind of drug or medication to either speed up an animal’s growth or increase lean muscle mass. We don’t believe it’s natural, and some of the drugs have been shown to put animals under stress.

The diet

Grass-fed or 100% vegetarian feed

They prohibit animal by-products in animal feed. The vegetarian diets are specially designed to promote natural growth. Cattle are raised on pasture their entire lives.

Happy animals

Environmental enrichments

We prefer environmental enrichments for all housed poultry and pigs. Birds and pigs get “toys” and have an atmosphere that allow for normal, natural behaviors, which promote wellbeing.


More space

All animals raised for supplier get more room than animals in other systems. They’re freer to engage in natural behaviors and have less stress.


No added chemicals

We choose only suppliers that never add any chemicals, growth hormones,  preservatives, colorings or dyes  to their foods. We specialize in fresher, better tasting natural meats, poultry and seafood.


Individually Portioned

Cook as little or as much as needed. We offer individual-sized portions, making it easy to manage a healthy diet. It’s both Convenient and Economic. Open only what want, while everything else stays fresh. If you wish, each family member can eat something different for dinner!


Flash Frozen & Vacuum Sealed

Vacuum sealing assures freshness. Fruits and Vegetables are frozen at their peak ripeness, when they are most nutrient-packed. A benefit of blast freezing is that it kills 99.47% of anaerobic bacteria (such as E. coli) that causes spoiling, making the meals extremely safe. No Preservatives required.


Delivered to your home!

Shopping with us is much like having an all-natural grocery store right in your home! We deliver right to your door step.Upon arrival, our courteous, professional driver will stock and arrange your order for you. This concierge service is always complimentary.